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So I’m a mummy of 6,5 girls and 1 boy. All my children when born have all looked the same apart from my 4th child who looked completely different, same dad etc…anyway I started noticing stuff so anyway at our 8 week check the dr noticed she wasn’t following with her eyes and wasn’t smiling still they thought she was blind. Luckily she isn’t but she has something called Duane syndrome which effect the nerves at the back of the eye which means she can’t move her eye ball atal..so that was the 1st..then at her year check the dr noticed her skull wasn’t correct and her soft spot had already disappeared and her skull started pointing. We then was referred to the pediatrician then more and more came we also found out she had flat feet into gate legs/feet and was never able to sleep. She couldn’t speak for a very long time but eventually after a long time she speaks little but was a big thing she qas able to speak, she then had repeatedly had ear tests which she constantly failed. This is still ongoing same with her eyes and skull. She was then tried on 3 different sleeping meds from the age of 2 and the last 1 finally works and still on it with the waiting of her sleep hospital appointment. We finally got her into pre school and we said from day 1 she was autistic but no1 listened but the pre school noticed straight away. The pediatrician then listened to the pre school and got her in to b diagnosed and she passed with flying colors bless her…poppy struggles to eat and drink, she also struggles going out and meeting ppl she can’t cope with playing with other children too. She’s very aggressive at some. Points when she struggles to cope. Bunter never no because she always has a smile she makes me so proud every single day her name is poppy isla dunford and she turned 3 nov 30th šŸ˜ŠšŸ§”


-Jade Dunford

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