Oh Snap!

This is my 4 year son Anthony jr, we all call him jr, when he got diagnosed I had some relief because I new he was different but we went from there he not potty trained but he know when he is wet he loves to play with cars trains and trucks and dinosaur he love this one show on Netflix called zigg and sharks he eat mac and cheese and crackers mainly he throws a lot of meltdowns because he doesn’t understand something he non verbal but can say one to two words he has a baby sister they play well one minute then there beating each other up. I am still learning on how to deal with everything. In the meantime I quit my job a year ago when the school shut down because my son needed me more. He also has potty issue on the pooping side and he has leg issue to where school has helped a lot but they try to tell me he wasn’t autistic and I laughed at them because I have a diagnoses and they spent less then 30 days with him. So the list goes on and on but as a mother i do my best with my special boy.

-Victoria Dawn Foraker

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